Meet the Photographer

      michelle landreau
      I’m Michelle, documentarian of love stories and fine art photographer. Enchanté.


      I think what initially attracted me to photography was its narrative quality, its ability to forever capture the delicate, exquisite and sublime in a fraction of a second. Unveiling these moments is simply exhilarating, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the gift of our everyday. Driven by these inspirations, I ardently seek to document your life-changing experiences and render an accurate depiction of you, unique and full of light.


      Working with a number of couples and families over the course of eight years, I’ve fashioned a signature style characterized by a painterly aesthetic and timeless storytelling. I work enthusiastically with my clients, meticulously crafting images to be cherished for years to come. As a woman of few words, I find this is the best way to express love: love for people, love of art, and love for life.
      “What is done is love is done well.”
      - Vincent Van Gogh

      My off-duty time is spent dreaming of the next travel destination, pretending to speak French, snuggling my kitty, Gemma, and wise-cracking with my husband, Mike. (Yes, that’s right. M & M.) Seriously though, enough about me; I want to hear all about you! Let’s get in touch.

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