Time and time again, I have the opportunity to serve clientele with the most welcoming spirits. Brittany and Dustin were no exception, so it was a treat getting to know them during their engagement session at Arabia Mountain. During our walk and chats, I learned what brought them to their journey of marriage, and while I’d love to recount the story, who better than Brittany to share?

      Here are a few words from the bride-to-be:

      How did you and Dustin meet?

      Dustin & I met through a group of mutual friends at Blue Steakhouse on the Square in Carrollton. I was supposed to be on duty in Greek Village at UWG that fateful Saturday night, but I ended up taking a friend that needed a ride up to the square. Intending to just drop him off, I stayed to hang out with my sorority sisters who were there, too. Some drinks and several dances later, I noticed Dustin sitting at the bar, hanging out and keeping to himself. I approached him and asked him why he wasn’t dancing, and he replied, “Well, you’ve never danced with someone sitting down before, have you?” and then spun me around while he was still sitting on his bar stool. That was all it took!

      Where was your first date?

      The first date took place at Park Tavern in Piedmont Park to watch the Jon Harris Band play a night of Tom Petty cover songs. Dustin and I enjoyed sushi and drinks while watching the band play all of the classics and quickly figuring out we enjoyed one another’s company more than ever before. We decided to have Jon Harris Band play at their wedding reception for old time’s sake!

      How did Dustin propose?

      It happened on Friday, December 9th – the day after my 27th birthday. All week Dustin had been telling me that I might have another birthday gift to open on my birthday, IF it was delivered on time. Sure enough, Dustin texted me at work that Friday saying the gift had been delivered to the house. When I got home from work, he had already set the stage by cleaning up the house, playing some good tunes, and turning on the Christmas tree lights. I was a whirlwind as I came through the front door, claiming I needed to get a load of laundry going before I would be ready to celebrate the weekend. I returned from the basement, and as I was walking up the steps, I noticed Dustin poised at the kitchen island, hands in pockets, rocking back and forth giddily. “Man, he must be really excited about this birthday gift,” I thought. Sure enough, he asked me, “Are you ready to open your gift?” He instructed me to close my eyes as he helped guide me over to the Christmas tree. “OK, open your eyes,” he said. Right in front of me was an ornament hanging on the tree that said “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” with stick figures and all. I excitedly repeated “yes!” over and over and began looking in the tree to find the ring, assuming he had hid it on a branch. “Turn around, I’m not done yet,” he said nervously. When I turned around to face him, he was on one knee and said, “I love you. You’re my best friend and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” And of course, I said yes (again).

      What do you love most about Dustin?

      What I really love about Dustin is his honesty and integrity as a person. He always inspires me to be a better person every day through his example, and I don’t think he even realizes it! Dustin is extremely patient with everyone he meets or knows, which makes him the best listener. He also believes in doing what’s right even if it’s not the easiest path. Through these past five years, I’ve learned how to love and appreciate others because of his kind-spirited heart. 

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