Katie & Randy planned a beautiful spring wedding, no doubt, but what is most striking is their commitment to each other and their preparation for marriage….

      From the bride:

      “Randy and I met in 2009 during our first year at Berry in our ‘Introduction to College’ class. I remember during the first few meetings, Randy didn’t show up. (He already worked on campus and didn’t want to go to the ‘Welcome to Berry’ part of the class Haha.) When he finally did, all the girls in our group were pretty much obsessed. Good looking, sweet, friendly, helpful… we all knew he was a catch! I was extremely homesick though, so while I did talk to him, I did not pursue him like the other girls. As the first semester of college slowly came to a close, I was bound and determined to leave Berry, but God had other plans. Randy began to pursue me and made me less homesick, which shocked everyone even myself. December came and instead of transferring closer to home, I stayed. We were unofficially dating at the beginning of 2010 and on March 18, 2010 he made it ‘Facebook Official.’ Over the past 6 years we have had lots of ups and downs; however, every trial we have hit has only brought us closer together. I am so thankful for him, his love, his support.”

      Venue: Frost Chapel at Berry College | Dress & Veil: Stella York | Cake: Honey Moon Bakery | Videographer: Bob’s Eye View

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