The sun was poking through the clouds at the start of Jonathan & Priscilla’s engagement session washing The High Museum of Art in a soft light. I was hopeful that the weather would stay just that way for the duration of the shoot, but sure enough, the rain quickly arrived. This didn’t seem to bother Jonathan & Priscilla one bit; we ran for cover and continued our shoot with a slight modification of plans. I was so impressed with the relaxed manner in which they handled this small snag; I’ll refrain from making any cheesy metaphors correlating weather and life however strongly I’d like to insert one here.

      The High Museum of Modern Art makes the perfect minimalist backdrop for people who prefer a contemporary look to their engagement photos:

      They spent a lot of time giggling; I like how they make each other laugh!

      If it’s going to rain, at least a glass cover allows the maximum amount of available light!

      They are expert dancers, and they promised to bust a move at their wedding reception! I can’t wait!

      Priscilla & Jonathan: Thank you so much for a great evening! It was fun getting to know y’all better!

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