Last week I traveled to Las Vegas, Neveda for the first time to attend the 2013 WPPI Conference and Expo held at the MGM Grand. Most of my days were spent inside walking from class to class and exploring the latest and greatest offerings from businesses designed to serve photographers. I couldn’t stand to travel to a new city without stepping foot outside my hotel, so the night before I left, I used my break before dinner to wander down the Strip and have my own dorky Ocean’s Eleven moment by the Bellagio fountains. (Just a little FYI: this isn’t a short walk, but there is a Pinkberry along the way.) Since I always try my best to pack light, I only brought the simplest of camera gear along for this trip: my camera body, a 50 mm f/1.4 lens, and my iPhone.

      View from my hotel window:

      Probably the funniest thing I saw, a Pop-Up Wedding Chapel:

      “Act now, think later.”

      Once the fountains started, the ducks booked it!

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